Stix n Studz

Piercings are by appointment only. Please contact us.

Welcome To Stix N Studz

Stix N Studz is a body piercing shop located within High Hope on Broadway, in Newport, Rhode Island. We offer unparalleled service in a clean, professional and inviting atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff with extensive experience in the body piercing industry. We only use professional grade jewelry and tools to ensure your experience is safe and pleasant.

Services & Pricing

We consider our prices to be fair and competitive. Piercing price varies on location and process, so give us a call to receive your specialized quote today. All prices include industry standard aftercare solutions and instructions.

Our Jewelry

At Stix N Studz we only work with trusted high end jewelry sources for your purchase and for use after piercing. We carry pieces such as studs, bars, hoops, and capture beads and jewelry. Our line of Anatometal jewelry is the best quality product you will find.

Post-Piercing FAQ

View this FAQ for a quick rundown on how to take care of your new piercing and what to expect. Note that Stix N Studz includes the aftercare instruction and products in the price of the piercing so that you are good to go when you leave.



  • I got my doubles today and my piercer Greg was SO knowledgeable and helpful. Everything was cleanly and reasonably priced and the customer service was great. would 100% recommend.

    Anya Lane Avatar
    Anya Lane

    Extremely professional and had a very good experience. Greg is so accommodating and helpful. Genuinely highly recommend getting your piercings done here!!

    Jana Rautenbach Avatar
    Jana Rautenbach

    I just got 2 more ear piercings at Stix N Studz, and I had a great experience. The piercer, Greg, was very knowledgeable and professional. He explained the piercing process... read more

    Siobhan Jones Avatar
    Siobhan Jones
  • This place was the best! Came in without an appointment and Greg was super accommodating and amazing. One of the best piercing experiences I’ve had. Definitely will be coming back!!

    Allison Manchester Avatar
    Allison Manchester

    I have nothing but good things to say about this piercing shop. I just got my second piercing done here and it was painless and easy. The owner who is... read more

    Madeline Howell Avatar
    Madeline Howell

    Extremely professional, very clean, and VERY helpful. I got my tragus pierced by Greg and he was wicked kind and explained everything he was doing as he went which made... read more

    Lauren Brown Avatar
    Lauren Brown
  • I came into Stix n Studz with an unusual request - needed some body piercings reinserted after they were pulled during a surgery. The experience was great from start... read more

    Margaret F. Avatar
    Margaret F.

    I have gotten a few piercings from Greg and just got another two recently. He is extremely throughout in explaining the procedure and aftercare. Every thing is very very clean.... read more

    ella howlett Avatar
    ella howlett

    My sister brought me here to get my nose pierced for my birthday and I had a fantastic experience. Greg was super professional and clearly knows what he is doing... read more

    Alex Azevedo Avatar
    Alex Azevedo
  • Greg was amazing, kind and friendly and was so easy to talk to! My friend was freaking out and he did a great job making us feel comfortable and confident... read more

    Bree Laudani Avatar
    Bree Laudani

    I have brought my daughter twice for piercings Stix N Studs and have been very pleased with the experience. As a registered nurse I am very focused on cleanliness... read more

    Melissa Frias Avatar
    Melissa Frias

    Will never trust anyone else to do my piercings! Greg is also so accommodating and willing to make time for us. He genuinely cares so much about the wellbeing of... read more

    eliza Avatar
  • I’ve gone to Stix N Studz three times now, once for a septum piercing, once for a nostril piercing and another time to get jewelry replaced after snagging a piercing... read more

    Alaina Frias Avatar
    Alaina Frias

    Greg did my nostril piercing and I love it. He was so careful, informative and funny. I will definitely be coming back for more piercings! Absolutely worth the price in... read more

    Pyrogue Avatar

    My friend got her septum pierced tonight and Greg was amazing!!! He has done my nose as well and just as easy, quick, and professional. He took her as a... read more

    Audrey pham Avatar
    Audrey pham
  • i got my nose pierced by greg about year ago, and have never had any issues with the healing process! the experience was very comfortable, he suggested the placement for... read more

    hope Avatar

    Got my fourth ear holes / cartilage pierced, barely even felt it! 2 days later it’s already healing amazingly with their solution.
    10000% always answer phone, super polite, amazing people for...
    read more

    Kendall Crawford Avatar
    Kendall Crawford

    I got two earlobe piercings on my left year and the process was pretty easy. Greg is chill. I truly appreciate him taking the time to position the piercings correctly... read more

    Helene Kuhn Avatar
    Helene Kuhn
  • Helped hold the other hand of my manic friend! Jokes aside it was a very fun and easy appointment.

    Liberty Harmon Avatar
    Liberty Harmon

    I needed a quick replacement plug for one of mine that fell out while i was on vacation. This place was able to help! And they had some really cute options

    Kailey Barrows Avatar
    Kailey Barrows

    My boyfriend and I both got pierced by Greg and it was a great experience. He communicated throughout the whole process and gave us exactly what we wanted. He was... read more

    Cristina Avatar
  • Got both of my lobes pierced to prepare for gauges, and Greg did a fantastic job. Professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend going to High Hopes/Stix and Studz!

    Dylan Ruckdeschel Avatar
    Dylan Ruckdeschel

    Got my nipples re-pierced here by Greg today! It hurt LESS the second time around!!!👏🏼 (different location the first time)
    He made sure I was comfortable and was very precise with...
    read more

    Zachel Colon Rodriguez Avatar
    Zachel Colon Rodriguez

    I got my snug pierced today by Greg. He kept me informed through each step and made sure I was comfortable. Very pleased with the placement. Thank you!

    EuroStance Avatar
  • I got my septum done here and had a great experience with Greg!!! very experienced with his work and accommodated for my needs. I felt comfortable throughout the... read more

    Ethan González Avatar
    Ethan González

    Everything you want in a piercing shop. Outstanding customer service, kind and attentive. A professional, clean environment allowed us to have a great experience.

    W Miller Avatar
    W Miller

    I had a great experience here. The owner Greg was amazing with the tragus piercing that I got. He knew the exact placement and I knew that he would do... read more

    Jacey cosciello Avatar
    Jacey cosciello
  • I had my ears pierced by Greg today. He did a great job made sure I liked where the piercings were going and how they looked. I don’t normally write... read more

    Coleton Carter Avatar
    Coleton Carter

    I got my nose pierced by Greg and it was a great experience. He communicated throughout the whole process and front loaded everything. He was a clear about the after... read more

    Letty Cass Avatar
    Letty Cass

    My boyfriend got his nose pierced here and it made me wish I had gotten mine done at this shop! He was talked through the the whole piercing procedure as... read more

    Samantha M Avatar
    Samantha M